What is Colon Irrigation?

The main feature of therapy is intestinal cleansing which aims to restore the colon's normal function.

Colon Hydrotherapy: indications and contraindications

Hydrocolon therapy can be practiced at all ages, from childhood to advanced age. We can distinguish clinical applications, prophylactic applications, and use in preparing for diagnostic investigations.

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Intestinal dysbiosis

Common causes of this include the western world's altered lifestyles, with little physical exercise and a low-fibre diet, and environmental pollution.

The history of hydrotherapy

The origins of colon hydrotherapydate back to ancient times; even the ancient Greeks and Romans made a contribution to its history.

Dr. Riccardo Annibali

He is currently the Coordinator of the “Milano Nord” Coloproctology Unit. He also practises in Milan as a general surgeon, coloproctologist and holistic doctor at the Columbus Care Home in Milan.

Holistic approach

Dr. Riccardo Annibali uses a holistic approach in his daily practice, being aware of the multidimensionality of the Human Being.